Indonesian Cooking Methods

The Indonesian cuisine, where the menu practically doubles as a recipe card. Most of the dishes here are so straightforward, they’re named after their main ingredients and the way they’re cooked. Take ‘ayam goreng’ for instance – it’s like the recipe creator just looked at the dish and said, “Well, it’s chicken and we’re gonna […]

Every tasty meal starts at a traditional market in Indonesia

Step into a traditional Indonesian market, and you’re in for a sensory adventure like no other. Picture this: a bustling, colorful chaos that tickles your senses and leaves your shoes suspiciously dirtier than when you entered. Forget the pristine, antiseptic aisles of Western supermarkets; this is a place where cleanliness might take a backseat to […]

Explore the diverse regional cuisines of Indonesia.

Indonesia is a treasure trove of culinary diversity, with each region offering a unique gastronomic adventure. From the vibrant and aromatic dishes of Bali to the rich and savory flavors of Java and the spicy delights of Sumatra, Indonesian cuisine is a kaleidoscope of tastes and traditions. In Bali, you’ll savor the sweetness of coconut […]